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Making New Friends

So I was watching a Wal-Mart commercial last night and it was about this mom who couldn’t go to school with her daughter on the first day of school, thus making it awkward for the new girl to make some new friends. Finally, she asked this group of girls to sit at her table and they accepted her as one of their own, and now they’ll be friends forever. That got me thinking, when we were in school, we chose who we were going to be friends with for the rest of eternity. We don’t have the option of finding out about every before we befriend them. We kinda just choose the first group that shows any interest in us, and alas, were friends.

So I got to thinking about it long and hard last night, and after about 5 years with my “regular” friends, I wanted some change. There were other people that I showed some interest in, but would they accept me? What would my other friends think? What if they accepted me for a while, but then I wanted out. Could I still go back and be friends with my old group? So many questions, so little time.

So then I was thinking, on the first day of school, they should do like some kind of mock election. Everyone could write down they likes and interests on an index card, and the new kids could kind of choose who they want to befriend. They would have a “lame duck” period, where if the person you choose doesn’t meet your expectations, you can swap for someone else. This gives all the power to the new kid and he/she doesn’t have to be thrown into the first group that accepts them. Now on the other hand, the group that the new kid chooses can also “impeach” him from their clique if hes not fitting in.

Now, if the new kid is a jock or a cheerleader, then they will already have friends. There is no choosing new friends for them, because that will just take away from the “regulars” that don’t already have preset group made for them. Now, as for the geeks, they are geeks by choice and they don’t have to be. You can still choose this group if you enjoy the same things geeks enjoy, but you don’t have to be labeled a geek. If you choose this group, we are leaving it up to you to make this new group of your non geeky.

So, I think I covered most people. So please tell me what you think about my new idea of friends!