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Olive Garden

Olive Garden… more Italian than you think.

So, about a month ago, my girlfriend and I decided to eat at Olive Garden. For an appetizer we ordered a salad. Before the waiter left I asked him what kind of salad dressings he had. He replied with the following list: “Italian”. I paused for a second and said “Okay, I’ll have italian.” As he left the table, my girlfriend laughed at my decision. I guess Olive Garden is more Italian than I ever thought.

As a side note, they didn’t even say “Creamy Italian”.


Guess what! No Staples!

Here’s a funny story. So I went to Staples the other day thinking I was so cool and awesome. I walked around and looked at all the stuff I didn’t wanna buy and then on my way out, I figured I be a smart-ass and ask the Staples guy a stupid question. I said to him “Do you guys carry those little metal things that hold paper together?” I acted very seriously as if it was a truly honest question and the guy replied to me “You mean paperclips?” I felt like a complete idiot. Here I was trying to trick him when in turn, he really tricked me. “I was talking about STAPLES!” I felt like saying, but I was already done. You win this time Staples, but next time I’m coming back with a vengeance!!