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iPhone Fixes a Flat Tire

Tonight on the way to my girlfriend Sarah’s house, we saw a man standing on the side of the road waving his flashlight at us. Being good people, we pulled over. The man explained to us that he has a flat tire and was on the phone with AAA. He had no idea where he was so he asked us for some info. Without blinking an eye, I pulled out my iPhone and opened the Maps application and used the location features to find out where we were. What really made me smile is when he told the lady on the phone that a gentleman showed up with an iPhone and has the Google Map pulled up. He then thanked us and we went on our way. It’s amazing how much power the iPhone has. It never ceases to amaze me. I have to wonder if he’ll get an iPhone soon… hehe.


Finding a Job

As you may assume, I’m writing this blog as a reminder to myself that I need to find a job. Now, many of you out there may be saying to yourself “How hard is it to find a job?” But I remind you, when was the last time you looked for a job? Did anyone help you? Did you know a friend of a friend that hooked you up? If you answered 2008 to any of these, then we’re on the same page here.

I started looking for a job about 3 weeks ago. Yes, it’s been 3 weeks. Anyways, I looked in the most common places, the newspaper, online job sites and did the ole’ drive around town for 6 hours. So far, I still have no job. So I thought, let’s spruce up the old resume while I wait for the job offers to come pouring in. I recommend using a template resume as an example and create/edit your resume with that. Remember to put any new accomplishments and achievements on your newly defined resume.

Resume completed, time to go back to work. First up, online job sites.

These sites usually require you to sign up for an account with them. Don’t worry, it’s usually free. After you have signed up, you can search for jobs. You can search for something you’ve been doing for the last 10 years or if you’re looking for a new line of work, you can search for that too. These employers that use these sites usually require you to email them your resume and a cover letter. Some will have an online application you can complete and send to them. Either way, just follow the directions as advertised on the site or wait for offers to come pouring in (I have emailed 4 or so employers online and have receive responses from each of them).

The second way is the old fashion way- The Classifieds.

I have looked through the newspaper the past couple weeks and have found the ads to be very blunt. They don’t really tell you about the job. They usually just say “Full time work. 10/hr. Call 555-XXXX.” I always call and ask what the job entails. If after that you are still interested, then ask how you would complete an application and submit a resume. If possible, talk with the hiring manager. When it comes straight from the horse’s mouth, there are usually less surprises.

And lastly, the drive-around.

We’ve all done it, just driving around, looking for those “help wanted” signs hanging in the window. I found this technique to be the least effective. With all the technology nowadays, employers are using the Internet to seek employees. And the way I look at it, if a company is too cheap to pay a website or the newspaper, what’s going to happen when you ask for a raise? Think about it.

With that said, I hope you now have a job. Wait, I still don’t have a job. Back to the drawing board with my resume I guess.

Take Luck!

Seth Brown

P.S. DONT APPLY AT SEACOAST MAZDA IN PORTSMOUTH! Horrible interview process-after 2 hours, both managers left me alone in the shop as one went to Hampton and one went to Keene. Needless to say, I left. If they do that at the interview, they’ll probably do it if I worked there. Just a head’s up.


Guess what! No Staples!

Here’s a funny story. So I went to Staples the other day thinking I was so cool and awesome. I walked around and looked at all the stuff I didn’t wanna buy and then on my way out, I figured I be a smart-ass and ask the Staples guy a stupid question. I said to him “Do you guys carry those little metal things that hold paper together?” I acted very seriously as if it was a truly honest question and the guy replied to me “You mean paperclips?” I felt like a complete idiot. Here I was trying to trick him when in turn, he really tricked me. “I was talking about STAPLES!” I felt like saying, but I was already done. You win this time Staples, but next time I’m coming back with a vengeance!!


New England Sports Fans

I hate New England sports fans. A very strong statement if I do say so myself, but it’s true. I live in New England, New Hampshire to be more exact. I see these fans all year long and I am just about tired of them. Being from NE, you would think I would be one of these fans, but it’s these fans that have driven me to root for other teams. Bear with me, I will explain. Back in the mid to late 90’s, I started watching professional sports. The first game I ever watched was a baseball game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox. Everyone that was watching was rooting for the home team Sox, so I decided to root for the underdog Jays. This started my hatred for NE teams and fans alike.

So, now that you know I like the Blue Jays, you should also know that I am also a Denver Broncos fan and, oh yeah, a HUGE Los Angeles Lakers fan. Again, this started from watching a game with some NE fans, them rooting for their home team and me rooting for the hated underdog. I think the Lakers thing really got to them at first because they won 3 straight championships right out of the box for me!

So, now the reason I hate their fans. NE fans do not know anything about sports. NO ONE- I repeat- NO ONE rooted for the Celtics until this past year. I can’t remember the last time someone said “Hey, did you see that Celtics games last night?” pre-2007. As soon as they started winning, here come the Fair Weather NE fans, crawling out of the woodwork. Now, I don’t mean to insult all NE fans, as some do enjoy and know sports probably more than I do. But, that is 10% of NE. The other 90% of NE fans only know about their teams when they are winning. This is what makes living in NE fuel may hatred for these fans.

Another example, the NE Patriots. Yeah, they made the Superbowl back in 1996, only to lose to the Green Bay Packers. No on was really into the Pat’s back then, at least I can’t remember. Then comes 2001. The underdog Patriot’s went to the Superbowl on the back of a second year QB replacing an injured Drew Bledsoe. They were up against the mighty St. Louis Rams who had put on a clinic in the NFL the past 3 years and were double digit favorites going in. Patriots won! Great story. Now the part the makes me hate Patriots fans.

After that season, the Patriots were the hottest thing on the block. Every shirt, every hat, every bumper sticker had the stupid Patriot helmet logo on it. Living in NE didn’t make it any better, because I had to see it EVERYDAY!!! Then, the Patriots won it again in 2003 and 2004. EVEN MORE STICKERS!!!! At this point, you might say that I am just bitter because none of my teams were performing. Quite the contrary. I know that when your team wins a Championship, they get a 5-year minimum hiatus from you bitching about them not winning. My Broncos won last in 1998, so they were just coming into the 6th year, and the Lakers just won in 2002, so they had many years to come, so I believe that is enough proof I was not bitter.

Okay, so now I’ve covered the Celtics, the Patriots, and now onto my favorite, the Boston Red Sox. Who? Yeah, that’s what I thought until 2004. The Red Sox were the team that didn’t ever win. They were the team that people got their hopes up for every spring, only to have those dreams crushed by June. They made the playoffs here and there, and came really close to the series in 2003, only again to have dreams crushed by an extra inning walk-off homerun by Aaron Boone to give the Yankees the pennant. But like I said, then came 2004.

The year started off the same, hopes and dreams. They even got a new manager in Terry Franconia after Mr. Little was fired for keeping Pedro in the game too long in that dream crusher Game 7. All was good in the Land of New Eng’. But this year, the Sox looked good. They made it to the playoffs as the wild card and once again, met the hated Yankees in the League Championship Series. With a trip to the World Series on the line, the Yankees came out of the box running, taking 3 games to 0 lead. Everything looked bleak back in Boston (I had a side bet with a colleague of mine that the Yankees would win the series, surely I was excited).

Just when I thought I had won the bet and saw more dreams crushed, the Red Sox came back, winning Game 4, and Game 5, and Game 6, sending the series to a repeat of the previous year, Game 7. But this time the game wasn’t even close. The Red Sox won the game handedly and went on to sweep the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series. OH GOD! HERE WE GO! The Red Sox are the Champions. Another year of listening to NE fans chanting about how they have been die hard Sox fans for 30 years. The Sox won in again in 2007, if that even makes a difference. Between championships, they also created this thing called “Red Sox Nation”, proving that the Red Sox have the most and most loyal fans in the country.

Red Sox Nation got me thinking about NE fans. I did a little test. Anyone that mentioned they were any NE sports team fan, I was going ask them to name 5 players from whatever team they mentioned. You’d be surprised how many people couldn’t name just 5 players on their favorite sports teams. Die hard fans, BLAH! You’d think hearing about your champion teams every single day of the year you’d be able to name 5 players, but nope. Women are even worse, because they’ll argue with you that they are more of a sports fan then you, but they only person they can name on any team is the one that made the cover of People magazine last month.

So, let’s recap. I hate NE fans because (A) all I see is NE stickers everywhere I look, (B) 90% of NE fans don’t know anything about sports and (C) this “I’m going to join because I’m a die hard Red Sox Fan” Red Sox Nation. There are probably more reasons, but I’ll stick with those for now. I would love to hear some comments on this, so please, comment. Remember, I never said these teams were not good teams and I never once insulted these teams, just the fans. So please, no comments about how I am probably just bitter because my teams haven’t won lately.


Seth Brown

P.S. I loved every single minute of Superbowl 42! 18-1, so close, yet soooo far away.